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We are making an impact and creating roles in business and in life. Whether you are a actor, designer, entrepreneur, artists, creatives, advocate or business owner. You are creating ROLES and are a ROLE model and mentor to others. How do you inspire and motivate?  We will discuss ways to connect on all levels from real-world business to the entertainment business. No topic is off limits. We just want to entertain, inspire, motivate, inform and have fun.

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It is Women’s History Month and what a great time to share this conversation…In this episode, I am speaking with not one, but TWO fabulous entrepreneurs and Founders of Bottoms Up Bagels, Michelle Bond and Joan Kanner. They are also co-hosts of the Proofing Stage podcast.
In this episode, I am speaking with Rachel Winchester, Win for short. Win is an entrepreneur, product designer, public speaker and creative. She is the founder of Focus Assistants, a Brooklyn-based startup, and Visual Webmaster, a company she created to pursue her dreams of creating and developing websites and collaborating with other entrepreneurs and creatives. She is a leader in the WordPress community. WordPress is the leader in open source software you can use to quick and easily create beautiful websites, landing pages and more! Win is the host of the Philly WordPress Meetup as well as The WWW (Work With Win) livestream on Linkedin every week.
After a rather lengthy hiatus, That’s How We Role is back! I am doing a slight departure from my normal interview-style podcast. This episode is a roundtable discussion on the SAG-AFTRA 2023 TV Theatrical Tentative Agreement. I am joined by my first time co-host, Courtney Rioux, host of The Whole Artist podcast.
I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some incredible, amazing and talented women for this episode. I attended the NY Now Gift Show and the Curve New York Winter Show in February.
Diana Beshara, restauranteur & founder of Cantina Royal Hot Sauce was born out of Williamsburg Mexican Restaurant & Bar Royal.

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