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SAG-AFTRA Negotiating Committee Roundtable Discussion on the 2023 TV/Theatrical Contract – S2 E6

After a rather lengthy hiatus, That’s How We Role is back!

I am doing a slight departure from my normal interview-style podcast. This episode is a roundtable discussion on the SAG-AFTRA 2023 TV Theatrical Tentative Agreement. I am joined by my first time co-host, Courtney Rioux, host of The Whole Artist podcast.

We are  joined by our fellow SAG-AFTRA board members and fellow TV/TH Negotiations Committee members, Shari Belafonte, Jason George and Danielle Towne. We talk about gains in this $1 Billion contract including the very first AI and Digital Replica language, hair and makeup consultations for performers of color, self-tape provisions, and more!

The deadline for voting is  December 5th at 5PM PST. For more information, visit

Check out Courtney Rioux’s podcast, The Whole Artist.

Bri Campano
Executive Producer
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