About Me

Avis Boone is a New York-based SAG-AFTRA actor, model, voice actor, host, as well as a professional event photographer at AVISualConceptPhotography

She is self-proclaimed geek who builds WordPress websites and is very active in the NYC WordPress community. 

Avis is the host of That’s How We Role, a podcast, where she talks with women making an impact as entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, artists, actors, entertainment industry professionals, advocates, solopreneurs about their businesses and careers.

She discovers their motivation and inspiration, all while spotlighting their positions as role models and mentors, for those wanting to create their career path and work in that industry.

Avis is very involved in various organizations that advocate for women in the entertainment industry. She is a member SAG-AFTRA  and currently serves as Co-President of Women in the Arts and Media Coalition, and is a member of New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT).

Avis also dances Argentine Tango and is very involved in that community of dancers.


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Avis Boone