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That’s How We Role 2022 Year-End Holiday Edition – S2 E2

Hey there beautiful people. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Feliz Navidad, and a very, very Happy New Year. The holidays are a very hectic time and and slightly stressful for me. There’s travel, there’s shopping, there’s packing. Whew! But anyway, I just wanted to take some time during the holidays and,  thank all of you who have tuned into the podcast over my first year as a podcaster.

April of 2023 will be year number two for for That’s How We Role. I’m so looking forward to see what year two is going to bring. It’s been quite, quite a, quite an adventure. It seems like it was just yesterday, and then it seems like it’s been forever. Either way, I’m blessed and thankful to be on this amazing journey with all of you.

I’ve met so many incredible people and other podcasters along the way. I’ve really learned so much, just a great learning opportunity for me. But anyway, I have a great episode coming in January. I thought I’d wait until after the holidays to release it, so I invite you to join me for my interview with Lauren Patz, and Lauren is the head distiller at Redwood Empire Whiskey. So I’m looking forward to sharing that episode with you,

And, and speaking of whiskey and, and the holidays. Is anyone making fruitcake? I used to love fruitcake. My grandmother used to dab it with homemade wine to keep it moist, and she would really, as we used to say, doctor on it, just making it so delicious and so special.

So, question for those making, giving or receiving fruitcakes this year. Will you be dabbing yours with wine or whiskey to keep it moist? I’m sure that whiskey would be really good on fruitcake, right? Right? Let me know how you keep your food cake delicious and moist, or whether or not you even like food cake.

DM me and let me know that That’s How We Role. Or you can DM me directly, Avis Boone on Instagram. I’m wishing all you beautiful people, a very happy New Year. And a joyous and blessed 2023.

Instagram: @ThatsHowWeRole and @avis.boone

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