Cocktails & Conversation with Jackie Williams – S2 E9

Event Vice President, Bar Convent Brooklyn

Jackie Williams is the Event Vice President of Bar Convent Brooklyn, one of the leading international trade events for the bar and beverage industry.

Jackie’s plate is quite full but she manages to serve up one of the best events in Brooklyn!

Bar Convent Brooklyn is one of the leading international trade events for the bar  and beverage industry.

A seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience  planning and executing large-scale events, Jackie is responsible for the strategy, planning and completion of Bar Convent Brooklyn, including managing budget, handling marketing efforts, overseeing talent agreements, event logistics, and more.

Social: @barconventbrooklyn
Web: Bar Convent Brooklyn

The Space Between ‘Atta Girl’ and ‘I Told You So’ – S2 E8

with the Founders of Bottoms Up Bagels, Joan Kanner & Michelle Bond

It is Women’s History Month and what a great time to share this conversation.

In this episode,The Space Between ‘Atta Girl’ and ‘I Told You So’, I am speaking with not one, but TWO fabulous entrepreneurs and Founders of Bottoms Up Bagels, Michelle Bond and Joan Kanner. They are also co-hosts of the Proofing Stage podcast, which delves into the space between atta girl and I told you so.

Michelle is a Returned Peace Corp Volunteer and has run 11 marathons. I guess that is how she has the stamina and energy to RUN a business.

Joan created the music streaming app, Fugue, that lets you hear what you want and forget what you don’t. She applies all that knowledge and experience to debunk the myth that it’s the water that makes a good bagel.

Bottoms Up Bagels
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Proofing Stage
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Joan Kanner, Co-Founder/Chief Vision Officer (CVO) of Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB)
Co-Host, Proofing Stage

An Irvington, NJ native, Kanner is a proud Jersey Girl. Although she grew up under the veil of 12 years of Catholic school, she still lays a claim to her own “Jewy center.” Having been raised by her paternal grandparents – her Catholic grandmother and Jewish grandfather – she benefited from the menu being spurred by their interfaith marriage. But her grandparents brought more than recipes to the U.S. Thankfully, resiliency is Kanner’s greatest inheritance.

Before Co-Founding BUB 8 years ago, Kanner had a 15-year career in academia that included social science research and the detail-heavy firehose that is grants and contracts administration. She also created the music streaming app, Fugue, that lets you hear what you want and forget what you don’t.

Kanner applies all that knowledge and experience to debunk the myth that it’s the water that makes a good bagel.

Kanner’s latest project, Proofing Stage, is a podcast about business on the rise and examining the space between “Atta girl” and “I told you so.”

Michelle Bond, Co-Founder/Owner/Operator of Bottoms Up Bagels (BUB)
Co-Host, Proofing Stage

Born and raised in northern NJ, Michelle sought to combine dreams of writing and service, with a Mad Men-esque obsession for telling the perfect story. With 15 years’ experience in communications and community development prior to co-founding Bottoms Up Bagels, she focused on how to engage others, through diversity training or social media campaigns.

Her love of food preparation and the belief that food builds community infiltrates every aspect of BUB.

Balance. Justice. Stillness. These three words have been a guiding force in her life and work, whether in HIV education in South Africa, or developing park programming in Baltimore City. They speak to the fairness, equity and perspective she seeks in all interactions, and the space she tries to create in a training room, conversation, or bagel line.

This also means constantly striving for time to step back and nurture creativity in order to re-enter work with fresh ideas and approaches. That’s where her current project, the Proofing Stage podcast comes in.

Michelle is a Returned Peace Corp Volunteer, former AmeriCorps VISTA, runner of 11 marathons and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program alum.

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Creating Diversity & Inclusion in the WordPress Community with Rachel Winchester S2 E7

In this episode, I am speaking with Rachel Winchester, Win for short. Win is an entrepreneur, product designer, public speaker and creative.

She is the founder of The Focus Assistants, a Brooklyn-based startup, and Visual Webmaster, a company she created to pursue her dreams of creating and developing websites and collaborating with other entrepreneurs and creatives.

She is a leader in the WordPress community. WordPress is the leader in open source software you can use to quick and easily create beautiful websites, landing pages and more!  Win is the host of the Philly WordPress  Meetup as well as The WWW (Work With Win) livestream on Linkedin every week.

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SAG-AFTRA Negotiating Committee Roundtable Discussion on the 2023 TV/Theatrical Contract – S2 E6

After a rather lengthy hiatus, That’s How We Role is back!

I am doing a slight departure from my normal interview-style podcast. This episode is a roundtable discussion on the SAG-AFTRA 2023 TV Theatrical Tentative Agreement. I am joined by my first time co-host, Courtney Rioux, host of The Whole Artist podcast.

We are  joined by our fellow SAG-AFTRA board members and fellow TV/TH Negotiations Committee members, Shari Belafonte, Jason George and Danielle Towne. We talk about gains in this $1 Billion contract including the very first AI and Digital Replica language, hair and makeup consultations for performers of color, self-tape provisions, and more!

The deadline for voting is  December 5th at 5PM PST. For more information, visit

Check out Courtney Rioux’s podcast, The Whole Artist.

Bri Campano
Executive Producer
Beyond Reach Studios

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Building A Sustainable Brand – S2 E5

with Elina Sofia Wang-ESW Beauty, Yanna-Tizz and Tonic,Emily Renk-Zodiaque Studios & Christina Vivacqua-Weyers- Happy Undies

I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some incredible, amazing and talented women for this episode. I attended the NY Now Gift Show and the Curve New York Winter Show in February.

The first interview is with Elina Sofia Wang. She is the CEO & Co-Founder of ESW Beauty.

Elina has created sustainably-made beauty products made with non-toxic ingredients, vegan & cruelty-free formulas, which are inspired by foods & beverages.

ESW Beauty is a female-founded company with a mission to support other women. Elina’s mission is to empower other females to achieve their dreams & prioritize their self love.

ESW Beauty partners with Women Aware, a non-profit organization, that promotes the safety and self-sufficiency of individuals and families affected by domestic violence in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Our promise is to donate 10% of the profits from to Women Aware every month.

Website:  ESW Beauty 


Curve New York is a B2B for Buyers and industry influencers to see new collections from 175+ top brands of lingerie, intimates, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear and accessories.

There were representatives from all around the country. I spoke with three female business owners from the German Pavilion, Yanna, Co-Founder of Tizz & Tonic; Emily Renk of Zodiaque Studios and Christina Vivacqua-Weyers of Happy Undies.

I hope you enjoy this episode and listen to find out more about these incredible women and where you can purchase their products!

Yanna of Tizz & Tonic

Tizz & Tonic was founded by two sisters, Yanna & Imke, in 2017. They are a Canadian-sister duo who ended up in Germany starting a business together.

They were raised by culture-curious, world-traveling parents that taught them that the sky’s the limit, but the sky is beautiful and should be kept as so.

So they created Tizz & Tonic to get you more excited about greener fashion and be inspired to invest in better clothing.

Uncomplicated style, uncompromised ethics – that’s what Tizz & Tonic are all about. Designed to energize you for each new day!

Website:  Tizzandtonic

Instagram:  tizzandtonic

Emily Renk of Zodiaque Studios

Zodiaque Studios is a project exploring fashion and contemporary culture based in Berlin. Their collections are created with a passion for luxury that celebrates the senses and finding strength in vulnerability.

Zodiaque Studios was founded by Emily Renk while studying at Central Saint Martins in London.

Website: Zodiaque Studios

Instagram:  @ZodiaqueStudios

Christina Vivacqua-Weyers of Happy Undies

Happy Undies is a modern trendy style inspired by colors and a flamboyant mood. It is a sporty and comfortable underwear that can also be worn in water as beachwear. Vivacqua is a lifestyle company from Munich for whom underwear is everything.

Happy Undies brings a positive and playful vision to people’s daily lives. They are committed to promote sustainability for a better world.

Website: Happy Undies

Instagram:  @happyundies_shop

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