Episode 14: How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall with Charu Suri

Award-Winning Composer

This week’s guest is award-winning composer and journalist, Charu Suri.

Charu has been playing the piano since the age of five, and performing since the age of nine. She is the first Indian-born jazz composer to premiere work at Carnegie Hall. 

Her latest album, Book of Ragas. Vol 2, debuted on August 6th. 

Charu received six nominations in the International Singer Songwriters Association aka ISSA, Awards in 2021, and won a Silver for Band Single of the Year for her original song, “Bluesy.”  In April she became “Jazz Artist of the Month” and won a gold record from ISSA.

She is a voting member of the  GRAMMYs (Recording Academy).

During the Pandemic, Charu uploaded several jazz performances on her social media channels for joy and inspiration, which we all needed so desperately. So check out her social media channels to listen!!

So let’s find out more about Charu and all her accomplishments, and about her upcoming performance at the famed CARNEGIE HALL coming up in November. 

Charu’s Website: www.CharuSuri.com
Instagram:  Charumusic
Charu Suri Trio

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